Speeding up films and podcasts, improved

Improved version of speedup script.

Fancy coloring, progress in percents, command line options, default speedup rate is taken from a file "SPEEDUP", handling Ctrl-C.


Copy podcasts back after speeding up

Script for moving processed podcasts back to player:


Speeding up films and podcasts (Linux)

Here is version of my speedup script for linux:


Useful cli remote control for N900 KMplayer

Works only if you use mplayer backend.


Moving to Nginx and Gunicorn

Selectel resumed cloud server service selectel, so I decided to create new server in new server pool and also move from lighttpd to nginx.


Sending SMS from server

Several days ago I looked into details of how my selectel server spended money and saw that it spends about 20 roubles per day (about $0.8) and has 100% CPU load for about 2 last days. I connected to it and saw that some 'sh' proccess is hang. I just killed it.

So as to react in time to such cases I decided to set up an SMS notification.


Hosting moved to selectel cloud

As my server is gone down suddenly and I don't have a chance to find out what is with it, I decided to move my blog to cloud platform.

I chose Selectel as hosting provider. Prices start from 50 roubles (about $1.85), this is only for keeping virtual machine for month, without running it. For my blog traffic (almost 0 :) ) overall price will be about 70 roubles (about $2.60) per month, it's very cheap I think.

UPD: After month usage, actual price is about 44 roubles (about $1.57).

English version of my blog

I decided to improve my English skills, so I will write posts in English and in Russian (in English first).

Also, I wrote an improvement to blohg engine to ease multi-language blogging. In face of Flask 0.7, I will try to rewrite multi-language support using Blueprint.


After post about QR-codes, version without using Google Chart API.


Speeding up films and podcasts

In my free time I like to listen to podcasts and watch TV shows. But I think most of them I can watch/listen accelerated.