Speeding up films and podcasts (Linux)

Here is version of my speedup script for linux:

mp3-acceleration script:

mkdir /tmp/result
for f in original/*.mp3; do
    name=`basename "$f"`
    lame --quiet --decode "$f" - | soundstretch stdin stdout -tempo=+45 -speech | lame --quiet -m a -cbr -b 64 --resample 24  - "result/$name"

mp4-sound-extraction and acceleration script:

mkdir /tmp/result
for f in original_flash/*.mp4; do
    name=`basename "$f" .mp4`
    mplayer "$f" -dumpaudio -dumpfile /tmp/temp.mp4a
    faad /tmp/temp.mp4a
    soundstretch /tmp/temp.wav stdout -tempo=+45 -speech | lame --quiet -m a -cbr -b 64 --resample 24  - "result/${name}.mp3"
    rm /tmp/temp.wav
    rm /tmp/temp.mp4a

For SSD life prolongation, I use /tmp in-memory disk for temporary and result files. I place softlinks to original mp3 files into 'original' directory, and 'original_flash' is a link to the usual place of mp4 files.

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